A Real Estate Dream Team

 by: Rhonda Hoffman

Think about the perfect sports team – The Dream team. This perfect team would consist of the best players for each spot that needed to be filled. Sure there are a lot of guys that can play each position but there is usually that one that stands out. He is the best of the best, the Gretzky of his position. That is the guy you want. When it comes to investing in real estate, your team of professionals is no less important and something you need to consider carefully.

This team would consist of a realtor, a mortgage broker and a lawyer. There are many people out there who play these positions but it is vital to pull together the best team for what you want to accomplish. You need to have people that you can rely on and know with certainty that not only do they know what their job is for you, but that they will get it done when it has to be. You work hard to determine whether a property is right for you and then take the time and effort to complete your due diligence to make sure that it is the way you think it is. When the market is red hot especially, your time restraints are considerable and if your deal isn’t made there are about twenty other offers behind you. You have to make sure that your process is a smooth one with no errors.

What good is it to buy a property only have the deal fall through because your lawyer missed a filing date, or if the deal goes through the lawyer but your mortgage broker doesn’t come up with the finances he said would be there? All of this is moot if you don’t have a realtor that is on top of the market and can get the deal set up in the first place! These professionals have a job to do and some do it far better than others. Make sure you find those people! Due diligence isn’t only for buying and selling homes; it comes into play when you are considering your professional team.

First and foremost, make sure your professional is in good standing with their governing body. This will help weed out a few for you and save you an incredible amount of pain and money. Secondly, be sure that they are well versed in real estate investing. It is a different game than just buying a home to live in with different rules along the way and you want to make sure your team knows the differences and what to do about them. The best way is still word of mouth, if you able to get a referral from someone who already uses them and can attest to their abilities treat it like gold. Take your time in assessing whether or not their personalities mesh with yours and whether you think along the same lines. You have to be able to communicate with them and know that they appreciate what you are saying and how you are saying it. Sometimes you may find someone who is more than competent but just doesn’t “get” you. Thank him politely for his time and move on!

There are a thousand things that can go sideways when you buy and sell homes whether it is a soft market or a hot market. Having a team of professionals along side you when you invest in a property is as important as the property itself. Your profit will erode away when errors are consistently made. Don’t be afraid to let go of a part of your team that isn’t working out and invest in someone who will.

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