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Property Renovations: Part 2 – More Focus Areas

In Part One of our discussion, we focused on several aspects of home renovation that are important for success in your investment.  Last time, we focused on more of the smaller details – the garden, repairing and touching-up minor damages, fences, etc.  Now, we should focus on some of the more noticeable areas of property […]

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Property Renovations: Part 1 – Keys to the Fixer-Upper

In the realm of real estate, there are numerous ways to go about making profits.  One of the most effective methods of achieving financial success is in dealing with a “fixer-upper.”  Home renovations are very important if you are in the business of making profits, so let’s overview some of the key points that can […]

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Fixer-Uppers – Create Instant Gains In A Flat Real Estate Market

Is it still possible to make a profit now that the boom has cooled off? Yes, it is possible to still make money in real estate, even when the market is flat. You just have to know what you are doing. Basically, the idea is to create your own extra value on the property, rather […]

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Real Estate Investor Question: Rehab and Sell, or Rehab and Keep?

 by: Bruce W. Ford Here’s another awesome question I received from my discussion board. The question; Why bother keeping property after it’s rehabbed? Why not sell it after the rehab and GET PAID!

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Considering The Old Fix ‘n Flip?

By: Aaron Crawford More and more people are investing in old houses. They make the buy and then fix the house up and flip it for tens of thousands of dollars more. This is a great way to make money, sure, but in most cases you have to have some money to put into the […]

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