Be Open Minded About Marketing Opportunities

Are you committed to making your business succeed?  If you are, you’ll need to be open-minded about using the full arsenal of marketing weapons at your disposal.  To some extent, that will involve embracing technology because it has opened up doors to tools and resources that were not possible just a few years ago.

For instance, the Internet has proven to be a very effective tool for reaching many people at once with your marketing.  And there are many facets to that now.  Things such as e-mail mailing lists, social networking sites, blogs, articles, etc. all are valuable tools that allow you to reach many people at once with your message.  These things are relatively new and make things possible that just couldn’t be done a few years back.

If you’re not completely comfortable with some of the technology out there, that’s fine.  You don’t have to be a computer genius to utilize most of the tools available.  But I can assure you that the benefits of some of these tools are well worth investing a little time in getting familiar with them.

You don’t have to use every tool that’s out there.  But you need to be familiar with what’s available, what the pros and cons are of each marketing tool, so you can decide which ones you’re going to use to make the biggest impact.  In other words, don’t ignore some new tool that comes along because you’re intimidated by it.  Someone is always coming up with something new and you need to train yourself to not be intimidated by them when they come along.

Let me give you a piece of advice.  If you’re intimidated by some new marketing tool you hear about, chances are most other people are too and it will take a while for most people to adopt it.  Often the people that take advantage of new tools while they are new get the biggest advantage from them because they get a head start.  By the time most people start using them, the market is too saturated with people using them and the impact is lost.

Marketing involves getting people’s attention.  If you are able to utilize some new marketing tool or reach people in a new way that they haven’t seen hundreds of times before, you’ll get their attention.  But if you wait till you’ve seen it a hundred times yourself before deciding it’s something that works, chances are you’re too late to get the maximum impact.  It may still work, but not as well as those who took advantage of it while it was new and shiny.

For instance, let’s say large billboards were just invented.  Can you imagine the results you’d get if you were the first one in your city to put an ad on a billboard?  Everyone would be talking about it because it was something new and different.  But what about today when you see dozens of billboards every day?  You probably ignore most of them, or at least try to.  Do they still work?  Yes, absolutely, or you wouldn’t see them.  But are they as effective as when they first came out?  Probably not.  There are just too many of them competing for your attention.

I’ll give you a more recent example.  I remember when Facebook ads were pretty new (those are the ads you see when you’re on Facebook, usually on the right hand side of the page).  At one point, not many people knew about advertising on Facebook.  You could use it to place targeted ads in front of people and pay a certain amount each time your ad is clicked.  Since not that many people were familiar with their advertising system and not many were using it, there wasn’t much competition.  I remember placing an ad on there at that time and it was really cheap compared to other pay-per-click advertising.

In time, though, more and more people started to catch on.  Some people wrote books and other information products about how to use Facebook advertising.  As more people started using it, the prices went up.  Now it’s not that much different some something like Google Adwords.  It’s still a viable place to advertise, but you’re just not going to get the same bang for you buck that you would have when it was new.

So I’m not saying not to use the old, reliable methods that are proven to work.  Definitely use things that are time-tested and safe.  But at the same time, don’t be afraid of new things just because they’re new and you don’t understand them.  On the other hand, I’m also not saying to use everything that comes along.

Let me give you the flip side of new marketing methods.  You don’t want to jump on every bandwagon that passes either.  Not everything that comes along is really going to help you.  Some things are scams, others are well-intentioned but just don’t catch on.

So don’t throw your money at everything that comes along.  Sure, whoever has something to sell is going to tell you it’s the latest, greatest thing that will change your life, but of course they’re going to tell you that, they want your money.  So just do a little homework, think it over, and maybe see if you can find someone who’s using it themselves (preferably who isn’t trying to sell it) and make an educated decision.

If you’re not quite ready for some of the tools, that’s fine too.  There are plenty of less technical tools available as well that have been around a while, so if you feel more comfortable starting there, that’s OK.  Just use whatever you’re comfortable with.  I would recommend, though, that you try to keep an open mind and be willing to try new things.  Otherwise you will miss many opportunities.

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