Pre-Construction Tips for Cape Coral, Florida Real Estate

By: brad wozny

Pre-construction real estate done right can save you headaches and money

A top real estate market in southwest Florida is Cape Coral.

With 400 miles of fresh and saltwater canals spanning 115 square miles of land adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico, boomers and new families in their early 30’s are migrating there and buying real estate in droves. What’s more, real estate homebuyers are looking into pre-construction housing opportunities in Cape Coral.

But beware, already a few customers have been forced into foreclosure by signing a few unfavorable builder’s contracts in Cape Coral. While there are a handful of goodbuilder’s in the area, proper knowledge and diligence pays off.

Here area few tips to watch out for on builder’s contracts around Cape Coral, Florida:

1. Have the right to Assign the real estate contract.
Among other things, this is a great asset protection strategy. Some builders in Cape Coral will let you do this.

2. Guarantee that you will not be held liable for any additional costs
It’s 50/50 with Cape Coral, Florida builders. You see, pre-construction real estate became popular in the past few years due to favorable interest rates, but many homebuyers are suffering.

Because the cost of labor and materials has gone up. Builders in Cape Coral who did not fix prices and guarantee it in their contract, simply re-adjusted their contract price and pass it on to the customer.

3. Guarantee the house will be built in a specific timeframe.
Before you get involved with Cape Coral builders, recognize that it takes 30 inspections before a Cape Coral inspector will provide Certificate of Occupancy on real estate.
At a rate of one inspection every twelve days, then it’s a minimum of eleven months until your house will be ready.

4. Diligence is key.
You don’t have to travel to Cape Coral and meet with the builder personally, but before buying real estate, and then selecting a Cape Coral builder, you may want to place a phone call to the Better Business Bureau, and the local Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce to check up on their history. Pre-construction real estate done right, can save you
the hassle of waiting years for the home to be finished. Further, it could save you the hassle of the bank calling your real estate construction loan due within 12 months.
In Cape Coral, demand for real estate remains high in certain areas. As a result, the demand for building, materials, and labor is high. Hence, many homes are taking two to three years to be built.
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Cape Coral, Florida real estate continues to climb. Cape Coral itself sees continued migration from boomers and 30-somethings coming from across the States. Pre-construction real estate in Cape Coral is the “new thing”. But some Cape Coral builder contracts have forced customers into foreclosure. And some Cape Coral, Florida builders will take as much as four years to build your home.

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