Website Mistake: Having Everything On One Website

This one mistake can easily cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

What is it?

Mixing buyers and sellers on the same website.

Lots of investors use a multi-purpose website that has pages for buyers, sellers, land, note buying, commercial, etc. with links to everything on every page.

What’s the problem with this?

The biggest problem is that you will scare off sellers who see what exit strategies you’re using.

Sellers usually aren’t going to understand selling on a lease option (aka rent-to-own basis).

Really almost any exit strategy could scare off sellers.

This doesn’t mean you’re being deceptive with your sellers. But the average seller is not going to understand what it is you do. After you get their details and see if there’s a deal there you can explain to them the terms. But even then with some exit strategies you have to be careful how you explain it.

What do you think a seller is going to think when they look around your website and see that you’re selling on a rent-to-own basis or wholesaling properties to other investors, for example?

They’re not going to understand how that works so they may think you’re going to try to pull a fast one on them and get their property for nothing or put typical renters in their house, or who knows what they might think…

I recently read about an investor who said he was using a website that had things combined and he lost a deal worth over $10,000.  What went wrong?  He was selling the property wholesale and had a buyer lined up and on the day of closing the seller backed out because they went to his website and saw how much he was going to make off the deal.

That’s just one deal that he knew of specifically.  How many sellers get scared off before even contacting you?

Most sellers don’t understand how investing works and they think if you’re able to make money off their house they must be getting ripped off or selling it too cheap.

Don’t wait till you lose $10,000 or more before separating your websites.

You may be thinking, “That makes sense but I can’t afford multiple websites.”

Fortunately, we’ve got your back. 🙂

We built our ALLREI All-in-One Real Estate Investor Websites with that purpose in mind. You get multiple websites included (all separated from each other) but for less than you’d normally pay for 1 site!

Check it out now!

Besides the fact that you can scare people off by having everything on one site, another downside is that you can end up with a really cluttered website.

I’ve seen some investors with websites that have a menu with like 20 links. I guess they think they want to provide everything someone could possibly want. But do you know what people do when they see that many links on a page? They usually close the page.

When you give people too many options, you’re giving them work to do. They have to read all this stuff that they really don’t care about. What they care about is finding a solution to their problem.

Your marketing should send people to a page that solves one problem. Don’t make them think. Make it easy for them.

Again, our ALLREI All-In-One Real Estate Investor Websites are designed with that in mind. The seller site has links to information that’s relevant to someone selling their house – primarily to the form where they can contact you. The buyer site has one thing your potental buyers can do: contact you with their details. The same goes for the other sites/pages. Everything is focused and separated.

As far as your potential clients know, you only do one thing, and it’s solving the particular problem they have. They don’t necessarily need to know all the details about how, they just need to know you can help them and make it easy for them to contact you with their information.

If your website doesn’t do this, or you don’t have a website, check out our ALLREI All-In-One Real Estate Investor Websites today!

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